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  • Features

    Ride that glides

    The BharatBenz 16T/12-metre Chassis delivers a smooth ride for both its driver and passengers. The chassis is equipped with front and rear glide air suspensions.

    16t chassis break

    Effective braking

    The chassis has wider brakes with 24 percent higher braking surface area. High system pressure (10 bar) and bigger brake chambers ensure effective braking.Elctromagnetic retarder utilizing CAN (Controller Area Network) can be operated with the help of a lever and brake pedal. Combined with iRCS technology, the retarder helps in improving the life of brake pads and driveline components.

    Unmatched fuel economy and performance

    With an intelligent ECU controlling the engine and low and flat torque, the BharatBenz 16T/12-metre Chassis delivers unmatched fel efficiency. The engine brake, exhaust braje, waste gate turbocharger, electronic unit pumps and ECY controlled injectors further enhance the fuel efficient characteristics of the chassis.


    16T/12-metre Chassis
    Engine: OM906
    Power: 235 hp @2200 rpm
    Torque: 850 Nm @ 1200-1600 rpm
    Gearbox: G85, 6 speed
    Suspension: Air suspension on both front and rear with air bellows 2 at front and 4 at rear
    Overall length: 11.765 m
    Overall width: 2.53 m